Monday, August 28, 2017

Seraphim of Music

Long have I walked these empty corridors alone
Where the sound of my footsteps echoes in the stone
Searching for meaning, a purpose, a reason
The emptiness would grow with each passing season

Darkness and silence have been my companions
The melancholy warping my thoughts and my actions
Moments flow like water down an endless stream
I try to halt its surge but ‘tis impossible it would seem

Until one day a voice broke suddenly through the night
The melody of a song that carries undying light
Healing the emptiness of hearts both bruised and broken
Twilight turns to dawn in the world that you awaken

My wish is to exist forever in the moments of your song
Hearing your voice would grant me a reason for which I long
The mere hope that I could hear you sing each day
Would grant me a purpose to choose to live and stay

I pray you sing your song my seraphim of music
Your angelic voice enchants me with the power of your magic
Your song has given back life to a heart devoid of feeling
For you have given this lonely soul a new purpose and new meaning

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