Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Selfless and Constant Love

A relationship begins to exist when two people willingly decide to enter it. But once they do so, they are transformed from being separate individuals into integral elements of a romantic union. They lose their individualities and surrender themselves to this partnership of hearts. Decision-making becomes shared in order that mutual respect is nurtured and harmony is maintained. Relationships depend on the couple’s constancy of affection, their appreciation of it being a priority and the reliability of each other’s commitment and their pacts.

Relationships falter because people sometimes fail to appreciate this. When a partner continues to hold on to his individuality and expects his freedoms to remain as they were prior to the relationship, this is when difficulties for the couple arise. When a partner continues to do things his way without the knowledge of the other or when agreements between them are not followed, the relationship begins to disintegrate.

Relationships are not about a partner limiting what he is willing to give. Relationships are not the same as business partnerships wherein people only invest what they want and hold back the rest.  When a couple treats the relationship as a business deal, the underlying premise is that they are also preparing for the possibility of bankruptcy. They do not expect the relationship to last.

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