Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Stealing Someone's Lover

There is some measure of satisfaction that comes from being able to steal someone else’s lover. This experience elevates your ego and fills you with the sense that you are more attractive, better and more desirable than the one your present partner left behind.

But you should not be too quick to rejoice when this happens. This should not in fact give you satisfaction. It should instead make you think. Perhaps you should first consider the possibility that there is an underlying reason why that person chose you over the other.

Because it is entirely conceivable that if your present partner left someone else for you, he may just do the same to you. In time, when an even better and more attractive person comes along, you just might find yourself the one being replaced.

You have to realize that a person who keeps changing his or her romantic partner may be always on the lookout for someone better. Or that person may just simply be having fun playing around so as to have had many different partners to brag about later.

Do not be happy when you steal someone from someone else. For what goes around comes around. The idea of karma applies even here. For if you steal someone, then maybe one day someone new may steal your partner from you.

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